Preparing an end-of-year field trip

  • Level: Elementary school
    Age group:
    Students ages 10 and 11
  • When:
    September and October,
    January and February

Areas of learning:

  • Environment and consumption
  • Citizenship and community life

Main objectives

  • Make decisions in function of the group's needs and desires.
  • Choose an activity based on its cost and possible means of financing.
  • Complete a cooperative project.
  • Give an oral presentation to share research results.


Students generate ideas for the end-of-year activity and ways of financing it.

Task 1 objectives

At the end of this task, students will be able to make decisions based on both their preferences and those of their peers.


  • Time required
    One 15 to 30 minute period
  1. In a large group, hold a brainstorming session to make a list of possible activities for the end-of-year field trip. Write ideas down on a large sheet of paper.
  2. Establish the criteria for choosing the activity. Discuss with students the realistic contextual limits (e.g., duration, dates and maximum cost).
  3. Let the idea simmer through the week and come back to it later, adding to the initial list. Suggest that students do Internet research at home to find ideas.
  4. With students, do an initial sort of proposed ideas and retain the suggestions that meet the initial criteria.

Teacher's notes

  • The brainstorming session allows you to give free rein to your students' ideas, even the wildest.
  • To manage this activity well, take the time to explain the criteria mentioned in instruction 2.

Task objectives

At the end of this task, students will be able to suggest ways of financing the end-of-year activity.


  1. Discuss with the students different ways of financing the field trip.
  2. Post the suggestions in the classroom and add to the list throughout the week.
  3. Suggest that students talk to people around them (e.g., family, friends, neighbours) about different ways of financing the activity.

Teacher's notes

See Financing methods.