Preparing an end-of-year field trip

  • Level: Elementary school
    Age group:
    Students ages 10 and 11
  • When:
    September and October,
    January and February

Areas of learning:

  • Environment and consumption
  • Citizenship and community life

Main objectives

  • Make decisions in function of the group's needs and desires.
  • Choose an activity based on its cost and possible means of financing.
  • Complete a cooperative project.
  • Give an oral presentation to share research results.


Ask students to reflect on their cooperative competencies, as well as those of their peers, and evaluate the resolution of a problem situation.

Task 1 objective

At the end of this task, you will be able to highlight the students' best cooperative work practices.

  • Time required
    One 30- to 45-minute period
  • Teaching material
    Cooperative Values
    (PDF, 1.7 MB)


  1. After the field trip, discuss the organization and execution of the day.
  2. Have each team give an example of their best work practice. Ask the secretary to note the responses.
  3. Ask one student from each team to congratulate a student from any team who helped them succeed in their role. Ask the secretary of each team to note the congratulations.
  4. Have each secretary read out the congratulations and best practices of their team.
  5. Take the opportunity to discuss the advantages of working cooperatively. Examples of questions to ask: Was this common project a success? Why?

Teacher's notes

Examples of best practices or facilitating gestures:

  • Was attentive to others
  • Took others' ideas into consideration
  • Actively participated by communicating ideas to others
  • Respected the rules of teamwork
  • Was able to fulfill a specified role

Take the opportunity to discuss cooperative values or the organization of another fundraising activity that could be entirely cooperative.

Some students may have trouble working in a team and sharing tasks. Raise and discuss these issues in the group. It might be the best time to make them understand that together, they accomplished a large project!

Task 2 objective

At the end of this task, students will be able to recall the steps associated with planning an end-of-year field trip in the context of a problematic situation with many factors at play.


Using a fictional group outing situation, ask students to follow the steps to successfully complete the activity.

Teacher's notes

Before this evaluation, test the acquisition of essential knowledge (e.g., multiplication, decimal numbers, etc.).

For example, have students calculate the amount of money to be raised to cover the total cost of the trip and double-check that no important elements are missing from this calculation, etc.