Preparing an end-of-year field trip

  • Level: Elementary school
    Age group:
    Students ages 10 and 11
  • When:
    September and October,
    January and February

Areas of learning:

  • Environment and consumption
  • Citizenship and community life

Main objectives

  • Make decisions in function of the group's needs and desires.
  • Choose an activity based on its cost and possible means of financing.
  • Complete a cooperative project.
  • Give an oral presentation to share research results.


Keeping in mind their peers' preferences as well as the material and financial resources available, students help organize an end-of-year field trip for the entire group.

Disciplinary competencies

Disciplines Competencies Learning progression
  • Written comprehension (reading): Reading various texts
  • Oral communication
  • Use the content of current texts to research a subject
  • Using convincing arguments: Exchanging ideas in an interactive situation (e.g., mini-debate)
Fine arts Creating artistic media works Researching ideas linked to the proposed media creation, keeping in mind the message and targeted audience

Non-disciplinary competencies

  • Using information
  • Using information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Cooperation
  • Appropriate communication