Organizing a book launch

  • Level: Elementary school
    Age group:
    Students ages 6 and 7
  • When:
    November and December

Areas of learning:

  • Career planning and entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship and community life

Main objectives

  • Differentiate needs from wants
  • Explain a dream clearly
  • Become familiar with the cost and tasks related to planning an event
  • Find ways to financing an event


You consolidate acquired or developed competencies through organized activities similar to that of a book launch.

    • Time required
      Depends on project scope

    Make the connection between the competencies and the learning progression of English.


    Play the associated images and dreams game again, this time using other themes:

    • Describe a Halloween or party costume.
    • Describe a trip or their latest vacation.
    • Describe an object or a page out of a story.
  1. Make the connection with the cooperative competencies acquired.


    Create committees, like those described at the execution stage, for other events:

    • Present a play.
    • Show the work done.
    • Put together a singing or poetry show.