Organizing a book launch

  • Level: Elementary school
    Age group:
    Students ages 6 and 7
  • When:
    November and December

Areas of learning:

  • Career planning and entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship and community life

Main objectives

  • Differentiate needs from wants
  • Explain a dream clearly
  • Become familiar with the cost and tasks related to planning an event
  • Find ways to financing an event


Following an in-class discussion on needs and wants, students have the opportunity to describe, write and illustrate their dreams. With your help, students gather everyone's stories to make a book. Family and friends are then invited to the book launch organized to finance a year-end excursion.

Disciplinary competencies

Disciplines Competencies Learning progression
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication
  • Written comprehension (reading)
  • Write a short text using a few given words that engage the imagination.
  • Make sense of content based on personal knowledge and experience.
  • Speak spontaneously or prepare a speech.
Plastic arts Produce personal artistic creations

To translate ideas, use transforming gestures:

  • Draw freehand
  • Apply a solid coloured pigment
  • Tear
  • Snip
  • Cut
Ethics and Religious Culture Discussion on ethics issues Restate ethics issues.
E.g., what is the difference between a need and a want?

Non-disciplinary competencies

  • Putting creative thinking into practice
  • Developing efficient work methods
  • Determining identity
  • Working in cooperation