Learning about money

  • Age group:
    Students ages 6 and 7
  • When:
    May or October
  • Time required:
    3 hours and 30 minutes

Area of learning:

  • Environment and consumption

Financial and cooperative skills

  • Learning the value of Canadian coins and bills
  • Recognizing Canadian money
  • Making a purchase under a certain amount


Students learn to calculate the value of coins and bills and make purchases under that amount.

Task 1 Buying items at the school store

Task objectives

At the end of this task, students will be able to recognize and calculate the value of coins and bills, and establish a link with items for sale in the school store.


  • Time required:
    60 minutes
  • Teaching material:
  1. Hand out the At the Store! sheet to students.
  2. Ask students to perform the task.
  3. Go over it as a group and discuss the students' ideas.

Teacher's notes

Read the evaluation grid on the At the Store! sheet to evaluate the students and their understanding of the 4 skills.