Studying the history of money

  • Age group:
    Students ages 8 and 9
  • When:
    March and April
  • Time required:
    6 hours and 30 minutes

Financial and cooperative skills

  • Understanding the history of money
  • Understanding member roles and relationships


Students learn about the history of payment and trade, from bartering times onward.

Task 1: Money through the ages

Task objectives

At the end of this task, students will recognize key moments in the history of money on a timeline, from bartering to debit cards.


  1. Have a discussion with students to gauge their knowledge about the history of money.
  2. Project the Radio-Canada website in class to present the history of money.

Teacher's notes

  1. Examples of questions to ask:
    • How did people acquire goods?
    • How did they pay for goods?
    • How do we pay for goods today?
  2. The Currency Museum website features a large collection of Canadian coins, tokens and bank notes. Suggest that teams of students explore the National Currency Collection.