Studying the history of money

  • Age group:
    Students ages 8 and 9
  • When:
    March and April
  • Time required:
    6 hours and 30 minutes

Financial and cooperative skills

  • Understanding the history of money
  • Understanding member roles and relationships


Students present the results of their research on Canadian money to classmates and schoolmates.

Task 1: Evaluate oral communication

Task objectives

At the end of this task, you will be able to evaluate oral communication.


  1. Present the evaluation grid to students before the presentations. Explain and give examples for each point.
  2. After the first presentation, both teacher and students should note their constructive comments on the Evaluation of Presentations sheet in the Evolution of the Canada's Currency - Key Moments document.
  3. Optional: Prepare kiosks and invite other classes to see the exhibit.
  4. Each team presents its findings to visitors.
  5. Watch the student presentations and fill out the oral communication Evaluation Grid for each one.