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Desjardins offers small businesses and self-employed workers like you an integrated service offer consisting of a complete range of products and services to effectively assist you in growing your business. From day-to-day financial management to the most varied of development projects, Desjardins is your partner in achieving your ambitions.

Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Ormière
Dr. Marie-Pierre Rainvile, co-owner, Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Ormière
Dr. Marie-Pierre Rainvile,

(in French only) (1 min 21 s) ()

The most comprehensive offer for small businesses and self-employed workers

"At Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Ormière, there are 5 of us partners who grew up with Desjardins. It was only natural that we chose it as our financial institution for our professional activities."

"With its comprehensive range of products and services, Desjardins really makes managing our business easier. In turn, we can spend more time with our patients."

"In addition, Desjardins saves us money with its competitive prices. It's the perfect partner to help us achieve our ambitions."

Mes services avantageux

Payroll management service

"We save an incredible amount of time by using the Desjardins HR & payroll management." (in French only) (35 s)

Point-of-sale terminals

"Desjardins point-of-sale terminals are available at attractive prices for merchants and that saves us money." (in French only) (29 s)

The Desjardins Business Card

"The Desjardins Business Card simplifies our bookkeeping and we also get an annual cash back bonus." (in French only) (38 s)

"Our business's mission is to promote regional products. It was only natural that we chose Desjardins as our financial institution as it supports development in all regions of Quebec."

"I save time and money thanks to Desjardins. When it comes to insurance, financing and business management, Desjardins has effective solutions that make managing my business easier."

"Marché des saveurs du Québec definitely has the best partner to achieve its ambitions."

Services that benefit me

Visa Desjardins Business Freedom Solutions

"The Business Freedom Solutions package is ideal for financing my projects quickly." (in French only)
(1 min 4 s)

AccèsD Affaires

"AccèsD Affaires is my main cash management tool." (in French only)
(50 s)

General insurance

"My general insurance: efficient service at a very attractive cost" (in French only)
(50 s)

“I've had an account at Desjardins since school caisse. But now that I have a business, my needs have changed.”

“When I decided to go into business for myself, I met with a Desjardins advisor. I brought with me a rough business plan and all of my passion. She had an exceptional ability to listen, and granted me financing that made all the difference. Without it, my project would probably never have gotten off the ground.”

“Since then, my workshop had grown enormously. At Desjardins, I always find the products and services I need to make my business grow, and, most of all, high-quality support.”

Services that benefit me

AccèsD Affaires

AccèsD Affaires: A multitude of online transactions that help you save time and money (in French only).
(42 s)

point of sale terminals

What would we do without point of sale terminals? They've become a must for client payments (in French only)
(54 s)

Visa Desjardins Business card

The Visa Desjardins Business card: save time and get a 1% cashback annually (in French only)
(50 s)

“Why did I choose Desjardins? First and foremost, for the human aspect.”

“Right from the start, I realized I would find the openness and open mindedness I was looking for. A specialist who takes the time to thoroughly understand my business project, industry and development ambitions, now that's important to me. I left my very first meeting with all the financial tools I needed.”

“At Desjardins, I can find everything I need in a single location: advice, products and services. And I'm convinced Desjardins will be there to support my company as it grows throughout Canada and the rest of the world.”

Services that benefit me

SimpliciD plans

SimpliciD plans: Ideal to save money each month (in French only)
(39 s)

AccèsD Affaires

AccèsD Affaires: The premium online financial management tool (in French only)
(54 s)

Desjardins payroll services

Desjardins payroll services: So much easier and worry-free (in French only)
(48 s)