Efficiently serving your clients and managing your suppliers

Accepting card payments from your clients

No hassle payment and cashing

In-store payments - Countertop, wireless or integrated payment terminals

Increase your sales by using payment solutions that accept credit or debit card payments.

Online payments - Processing payments online has never been easier

Payment solutions that allow your clients to pay by credit card and to complete transactions in real time.

Phone payments - DePOSiTEL: your transactions by telephone for $5 per month

The ideal solution for merchants with low monthly transaction volumes.

Payments on the road - Process payments anywhere in Canada

The ideal solution to accept payments across the country for deliveries, special events, trade show or outdoor activities.

Virtual terminal - Easy processing of all your transactions for telephone and mail orders

Desjardins offers a Web interface for manual processing of transactions and refunds.

Fixed-rate monthly plan - Ready-to-go plans to make budgeting easy

An ideal solution for professionals and small businesses that want simplicity and peace of mind.