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Community and humanitarian organizations

You're not like a traditional business.

You work for a cause that matters above all else.

That's why we've created a special package for your organization to meet your particular needs.

Desjardins is built around the community. We understand your reality and appreciate how committed you are to helping others.

The Community Package

A package designed with your organization in mind

25 transactions a month for just $2.95 including:

  • 3 teller transactions a month for depositing cash
  • 50 items, $5,000 in bills and $500 in change
  • 22 non-teller transactions (AccèsD Affaires and ATMs)

Get twice as many transactions (50)1 when you maintain an average monthly balance of $25,000 in your chequing account.

The Intermediate offer from AccèsD Affaires, including:

  • Multi-user access to several accounts, with dual signature approval
  • Online monthly account statements and online cheque imaging at no extra cost
  • No sign-up fees for the night deposit service2
  • Offer more options to your members and clients for making payments, donations or contributions.
  • Get higher donations thanks to more flexible payment options.
  • Make it easier to manage your finances.
  • Perform secure transactions thanks to innovative solutions designed to prevent credit card fraud.

Customized fees

  • Preferred rates for non-profit organizations.
  • No surcharges or hidden fees, no matter how transactions occur.
  1. The extra transactions are automated or semi-automated transactions. [Retour]
  2. Fees only apply for deposit bags. [Back]