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Desjardins has a long tradition of serving agri-businesses throughout Quebec and in many regions of Ontario, with particular expertise in agricultural and agri-food financing.

Our extensive network provides you with access to an impressive team of agri-business account managers dedicated to growing businesses in every segment of the agri-food industry. Let our team share its wealth of knowledge and skills with your business:

  • We have an excellent understanding of the challenges specific to different segments of the agricultural and agri-food industry.
  • We're closely attuned to the particular needs of agri-business members in terms of advice, products and services.
  • We offer a personalized service based on our in-depth understanding of the industry and frequent meetings.
  • We privilege close relationships with all partners in the business.

Financing products and services to support farmers and encourage new farmers.

For the money received under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriInvest program.

Get through rough patches without risking your business.

Personalized management, insurance and estate solutions based on an overview of your financial situation.

Learn how Desjardins Wealth Management can help you.

Exclusive advantage for members

Tailored-made for agri-businesses

Benefit from the experience of the largest network of account managers specialized in agriculture in Quebec, financial products tailored to the sector, business transfer tools and Desjardins's wide presence throughout Quebec's regions.

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