Agriculture and Agri-Food

Tools and resources designed exclusively for the agriculture and agri-food industry.

The Conseil de la Transformation Alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ) is a consolidation of major industry players like the Quebec Food Processors Association, the Quebec Bakery Council, the Association des abattoirs avicoles du Québec, the Conseil de l'industrie acéricole (CIA) and the Association des viticulteurs négociants du Québec (AVNQ).

Agri-Réseau (in French only)

Agri-Réseau sites are a resource for scientific and technical information: extension articles, technical profiles, statistics and research reports on agroenvironmental issues, organic agriculture and livestock production.

The CRAAQ is a non-profit organization that works with its members and organizations to share agricultural and agri-food knowledge and networking tools.

Grouping approximately 200 membres, the AQINAC promotes best practices in production, agroenvironmental activities in agricultural and agri-food businesses.

The centre's mission is to contribute to the innovation and knowledge transfer required for the sustainable development of the Quebec porcine industry.

Agri-Food Export Group Quebec-Canada relies over four hundred members, which include agriculture, food and service companies in international trade, as well as affiliated organizations from the public and private sectors. Professionals serving the export market with great efficiency and motivation to develop a worldwide partnership.

La Financière agricole du Québec provides a range of financial and risk management tools to preserve the economic and financial stability of agriculture and agri-food businesses, including:

  • Farm financing with guaranteed loans
  • Financial assistance for establishment in agriculture
  • Crop insurance
  • Farm income stabilization insurance
  • AgriStability, AgriInvest and Agri-Québec
  • Venture capital investments through its branch, Capital Financière agricole inc.

The MAPAQ has given itself the mission of influencing and supporting the expansion of the Quebec bio-food industry from a sustainable development viewpoint.