Step 3 - Determining the business's value

As part of the business transfer process, it is essential that the value of a business be supported by an independent valuation.

Determining the market value of a business is an art form in itself. It requires the skills of a Chartered Business Valuator.

Objectives and actions

Use the services of a Chartered Business Valuator to set a realistic price.

This step helps you:

  • set the selling price of your business
  • know the real worth of the business you will pass on to heirs
  • facilitate tax planning for the project and reduce tax penalties
  • decide whether or not to transfer your business to your descendants
  • reduce tensions among heirs
  • support future negotiations with lenders

The Optimizing the value of the Business tool allows you to identify the features that enhance the value of your company, get a clear idea of its growth prospects and prioritize the means to reach them.

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