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Process for transferors

Desjardins has established a 7-step process to help you transfer your business. The document guides you through the thought process, and helps you make decisions and take action. It was designed to assist you throughout the entire process.

At any time, please feel free to refer to these 2 guides to learn more about each step:

The 7 steps

Get a clear and appropriate understanding of the elements to consider to guarantee a successful transfer, as well as information on the steps and actions inherent in the transfer process.

See Step 1 - Assessment of the current situation

Start thinking about preparing your transfer by determining your needs and clarifying your expectations to help you set personal and business goals.

See Step 2 - Vision for the future

Get a clear picture, clarifies your expectations and allows family members to come to an agreement on the value of the business, should they wish to buy it.

See Step 3 - Determining the business's value

Evaluate and choose a transfer scenario (business transfer to 1 or more family members, to management or employees, sale to a third party, a partner or a progressive reduction in business activity).

See Step 4 - Transfer scenarios

Begin the transfer process and create winning conditions to carry out the project. Get a better understanding of the elements to consider to guarantee a successful transfer and plan the steps and actions inherent in the process.

See Step 5 - Transfer plan

Finalize the financing package for the project, present your application and explore the available options.

See Step 6 - Financing the transfer

Ensure business continuity and growth by helping the buyer and continuing to help the seller in carrying out his or her goals of retirement and financial security for his or her loved ones.

See Step 7 - Continuity and retirement