Process for buyers and future farmers

Desjardins has established a 7-step process to help you throughout an intergenerational business purchase or transfer. The document guides you through the thought process, helps you make decisions and was designed to assist you every step of the way.

At any time, please feel free to refer to these 2 guides to learn more about each step:

The 7 steps

Find out what type of buyer you are to better understand what kind of guidance you need in your purchase process.

See Step 1 - What type of buyer are you?

Determine what motivates you to become an entrepreneur.

See Step 2 - What are your motivations?

Evaluate how prepared you are to buy a business.

See Step 3 - Are you ready?

Create a financial package in line with your financial needs and the business's financial needs.

See Step 4 - Financing the transfer

Learn how to have discussions with the owner to acquire his or her strategic knowledge of the various business activities and business characteristics.

See Step 5 - Acquisition of management authority

Get information on the progressive takeover of a business, until the transferor completes his or her exit strategy.

See Step 6 - Exit strategy for the current owner

Review the steps required to conclude a business transfer.

See Step 7 - In short, are you ready?