The Desjardins difference

Being a member of a Desjardins caisse means choosing to do business with a company that belongs to you. It's taking advantage of products and services of a financial cooperative whose top priority is making money work for you, never the other way around.


The process established and followed by Desjardins experts has already proven its worth with our members:

"The commitment of Desjardins Business Capital régional et coopératif to Engrenage Provincial facilitated the implementation of an exemplary succession plan. The management team was able to buy the business with the help of a well-planned process, which involved many stakeholders. We are proud to have Desjardins Business Capital régional et coopératif as a partner. Their innovative approach and the creative solutions they put forward showed us that we chose an unrivalled partner."

André C. Nadeau, President, Engrenage Provincial, Quebec City

"We spent over 20 years of our life building this business with our employees. It was essential for us to keep our employees and our business in the region. We are very proud to work with a partner like Desjardins which shares our values. Our greatest concern was ensuring ongoing operations in a spirit of continuity. We had to find a financial partner who would respect our people, what we have built and the growth objectives we have set for ourselves. From this point of view, the choice of Desjardins seemed self-evident."

Sylvie Lemaire and Ronald Tremblay, Fempro Founders

"We had an offer on the table that was very attractive financially but there was no guarantee for the future of A. & D. Prevost Inc. in Richelieu. For us, keeping jobs in our city was clearly a fundamental element of the deal. With Desjardins, the game plan is different. Their mission is to support the best businesses in Québec, and we have the best assurance that A. & D. Prevost Inc. will continue its Richelieu operations. And, the institution has the know how and financial capacity to focus on our company's growth in the years to come. It's a winning situation on every level."

Jonathan H. Cowen, President, A. & D. Prévost Inc.

Whatever your situation may be, Desjardins experts will help you throughout the entire transfer process.

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