Transfer, buy or sell a business

Transfer, buy or sell a business

Everything you need to succeed

Transferring a business requires a clear approach to create winning conditions. Whether you're leaving or taking over the business, your account manage will help you do it successfully.

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How to successfully buy or sell a business

Whether you want to buy or sell a business, a structured approach is essential if you want to leave nothing to chance and ensure an easy transition. This is why we've set up a 7-step approach to help you:

  • reduce the risks and protect your financial security and that of your family
  • develop your business transfer knowledge
  • define your vision, motivation, intentions and needs so you can make a property and management transfer plan as well as an effective and sustainable strategic plan
  • make a clear and realistic schedule to better keep your eyes on your goal

Desjardins Capital, a patient investor

Growing a business requires know-how and patience. Desjardins Capital has both and can play a significant role in your business to ensure that your dealings go smoothly.

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