Maintain your family's financial stability

In the event of a critical illness

Thanks to medical advances, more and more people now survive illnesses like cancer, a stroke or a heart attack. But the road back to health can be long and difficult, and bring upheaval to both your personal and professional life.

If you or a family member were in this situation, Vision Critical Illness Coverage would provide you with a non-taxable benefit that:

  • Compensates you for lost income
  • Helps pay for new health-related expenses not covered by provincial healthcare plans
  • Covers homecare services (nursing care, housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.)
  • Covers travel, accommodations and meal expenses incurred for someone who accompanies the sick person to their treatments
  • Allows you to maintain your savings
  • Helps you get through this difficult period while maintaining your current lifestyle

A financial security advisor can help you create a customized insurance solution by selecting the insurance coverage options best suited to your business needs and plans.