Use the Billing and Expense Tracker tool

Discover the Billing and Expense Tracker tool

  • Completely free of charge1
  • Designed specifically for small businesses and self-employed workers
  • Makes it easy to manage your invoices, expense accounts and contacts, whether they are clients or suppliers

Perfect for posting your daily transactions

  • Easily create, manage and archive your bids and invoices.
  • Manage your expense accounts to do your tax returns with ease.
  • Use the client and supplier management module to develop your business.
  • Share your data with your accountant in a secure manner2.
  • Access your information—saved on a cloud computer—wherever you are, on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your invoices and bids securely saved on a cloud

  • Customize and manage your catalogue of products and services.
  • Create customized, complete bids and invoices.
  • Send PDFs of them your clients by email or print them.
  • Collect the money you are owed through effective invoice management and tracking.

Your expense accounts at a glance

  • Take photos of your receipts and enter them as a business expense.
  • Enter important information and categorize it: transportation, meals and shows, equipment, etc.
  • Then, create an expense account by uploading your data to an Excel file to facilitate your bank reconciliations and exchanges with your accountant.

Dashboards and reports to get an accurate picture of your finances

You can instantly see how much you earn and spend. A search engine allows you to find your expenses, bids and invoices very quickly. Reports can be made at any time for tracking purposes.

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Use the Billing and Expense Tracker tool online or download the free Billing and Expense Tracker app.

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Monetico Mobile +

You want to keep using the Billing and Expense Tracker tool and also offer card payments to your clients? Monetico Mobile + - Monetico sire. External link. This link will open in a new window. lets you accept credit and debit card payments (chip, magnetic band and contactless). Your mobile device or tablet coupled with a keyboard allows you to develop your business wherever your clients are.

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  2. The information you enter in the Billing and Expense Tracker tool is guaranteed to remain confidential. Your information remains private and no information is sent to Desjardins.