Create a growth plan

Achieving your goals requires a marketing plan. Like your business plan, a marketing plan clearly states your objectives and the means you plan to use to attain them.

Desjardins created an interactive marketing plan to help you determine the scope of the challenges your business will face. It features a thorough methodology to help you build your market research, target your audience and analyze your competitors.

Its a simple tool created to make it easy for you to establish your mixed marketing strategies. In other words, it will help you get your 4 Ps up and running: price, product, promotion and place. Since every business is unique, you can use it to put together your very own personalized marketing plan.

Its your business idea, were there to help.

Throughout this process, you can:

  • think through your plans in greater detail with specially-designed questions
  • get clarification on concepts in featured information capsules
  • get practical advice
  • click on links to additional resources and view tip sheets

Once you have your marketing plan in hand and you feel like your project is stimulating and viable, you can explore the range of Desjardins financial products and services designed to meet your business needs. A Desjardins Business advisor or account manager will be happy to help you carry out your business plan.

Everything remains confidential! The information you enter in the marketing plan is private.