Facilitate the transfer of your business

Facilitate your business transfer and protect your business finances.

Available tools include:

Desjardins NextGen Farm Loan

Flexible farm financing

  • Available in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Flexible payment terms, suitable to your needs.
  • Easy access to cash during all stages of the transition period.
  • Linked with other products and services exclusive to Desjardins.



Incoming entrepreneurs should be in the process of acquiring or active participants in a business (minimum 20%).

Authorized amounts and payment

  • New financing: minimum $100,000
  • Option of reborrowing amount past annual loan payments for projects described in initial loan application (new farmers).

Amortization and payment

  • Amortization up to 25 years, with option of resetting initial amortization period, under certain conditions after the first 5 years.
  • Possible repayment pause


  • Increases new farmers' cash flow and leeway:
    • by allowing new farmers to reborrow the amount of past payments
    • by extending the amortization period if needed, and possible repayment pause
  • Features competitive interest rates.
  • Combines financing with a package of other Desjardins products and services for new farmers:

As the outgoing entrepreneur, the sale of your business may, in the short term, get you only a portion of what you wanted and the balance may only be paid over a certain period.

It would be wise to make an agreement with the buyer to protect the balance in the event of the buyer's premature death. Life insurance will provide the coverage you need and you'll be insured for 10% more than the original insurance amount for 1 year2.

Whether you're an outgoing entrepreneur or part of the next generation, discover Desjardins Wealth Management: a comprehensive approach to your financial life.

An advisor will use a financial plan to help you with personalized investment advice, asset protection, retirement and estate planning. We will help you make your projects happen and continue to build your financial future.

When it comes to payroll, expectations are high while errors and delays are unacceptable.

Employer D payroll solutions make the payroll process easier and guarantee that tax requirements and laws are respected.

Testimonials from the next generation

Successfully transferring a farming business requires a careful approach and a lot of preparation for both outgoing farm owners and new farming entrepreneurs. You may decide to do it on your own or get help from industry experts.

Learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs who successfully faced the same challenges. Watch some videos (in French only) of young farmers who chose Desjardins to help them make achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Videos were filmed on location at farms all over Quebec and represent several areas of farming. Enjoy!

Watch videos (in French only).

  1. Available only in Quebec.
  2. Free temporary 10% bonus up to $100,000 for 1 year, with option of making it permanent, without proof of insurability, on the first anniversary of the contract date.