Farm transfer and help for new farmers

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Investing today in the farmers of tomorrow.

Investing today in the farmers of tomorrow.  Watch the video. Image

Are you planning to transfer your business to a new farmer?

Do you want to plan your investments and minimize the financial impact of your business transfer?

To ensure your future and that of your business, you can count on the support and sound advice from Desjardins Business Centres' account managers. These qualified agricultural experts will be able to guide you and offer you tailored solutions for every step of the business transfer.

Whether you are a retiring or new entrepreneur, Desjardins has the supportive approach you need to help your project be a success.

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Improve your business' financial standing and simplify the transfer process.

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A variety of insurance plans to help protect the value of your agricultural heritage and the transfer project from the financial repercussions of a death, accident or illness.

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Personalized management, insurance and estate solutions based on an overview of your financial situation.

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Read the following guides to learn more and to make your transition easier:

Watch the video below to hear the testimonial of an entrepreneur:

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