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Auto and leisure vehicle financing

A great thing for you and your clients:

  • Get a simple, flexible and product.
  • Recommend products that suit your clients' needs.
  • Bump up your commissions with exclusive promotions.

As a sales and financing professional, you must balance customer satisfaction with business development every day. Thanks to the Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan, finding a mutually beneficial common ground is no longer a struggle.

  • Exclusive discount on vehicle insurance3
  • Unique variable rate that clients can convert into a fixed rate any time
  • Green program: reduced fixed rate for the purchase of a new hybrid or electric vehicle
  • Flexible payments weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly
  • Available for purchases as low as $5,000
  • Favourable terms of up to 96 months for the purchase of a vehicle and 240 months for durable goods
  • No interest rate increases for longer terms
  • Capital and commission payouts in 24 hours or less, upon approval of faxed documents
  • Simple and efficient finance portal speeds up online responses
  • Credit approval in 2 hours or less
  • Credit analysis service open 7 days a week
  • Extended customer service hours
  • Business development advisor assigned to your enterprise
  • Fixed interest rate for the duration of the term simplifies budgeting and eliminates uncertainty
  • Variable interest rate, generally lower than a fixed rate, allows savings when rates are stable or dropping
  • Many payment options, including automatic withdrawals
  • Early repayment available at all times without penalty
  • Balance information available through AccèsD at all times by telephone or online
  1. Offered in Quebec only.