Gift card program

Develop customer loyalty!

  • Eliminate the complex management of gift certificates
  • Create customer traffic
  • Increase your sales and cash flow

Do away with your obsolete system of printed gift certificates and provide your business with a powerful promotional tool. Switch your company to Desjardins gift cards.

  • Personalized plastic card with a magnetic stripe bearing your business or product colours and logo.
  • Works with Desjardins point-of-sale equipment.
  • Gift cards can be activated and used at your points of sale.
  • Desjardins Card Services support:
    • Coordinates the printing of cards.
    • Support and assistance when you set up the gift card program.
    • Oversees the financial and administrative aspects of the program.
    • Customer service provided free of charge (for retailers and consumers).


  • Increased sales and cash flow.
  • New customer acquisition.
  • Increased customer traffic and opportunity to develop customer loyalty.
  • Daily monetary compensation between participating merchants.
  • Reduced risk of fraud.
  • Improved transaction management between points of sale.

Participating merchants

See the list of participating merchants.