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Desjardins Partnership Program

Objectifs du partenariat mis en place par Services de cartes Desjardins

  • Recognize the expertise of e-commerce firms.
  • Be able to quickly and securely integrate Desjardins online payment solutions.
  • Offer secure, efficient, versatile and flexible solutions.


When you choose a member of the Desjardins Partnership Program to integrate online payment solutions into your Web site, you get:

  • the latest technological expertise and recognized professionalism
  • extensive experience which results in shorter integration times
  • if your project is large enough, a project manager who ensures that schedules are respected
  • several exclusive promotions available to certain industries

Is your integrator Desjardins-certified?

To find out:


When you become a certified member of the Desjardins Partnership Program, you get the following advantages at no extra charge:

  • exclusive use of the Desjardins Certified Partner, which attests to your relationship with a key player in the financial industry;
  • access to the extensive Desjardins Business and Desjardins Card Services clienteles;
  • exclusive promotions for program members;
  • electronic referencing system of potential clients;
  • technical documents, marketing tools, reference forms accessible on a secure extranet site;
  • access to a project manager who will ensure that schedules are respected, if your project is large enough.

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • be a legally constituted company1.
  • have at least 4 years of service in the industry.
  • have integrated online payments solutions 4 times, including the new version one time.
  • have respected the security standards and best practices of the industry for your last 4 integrations of online payment solutions.


  • have had a turnkey solution without redirection certified by Desjardins for your whole client base.
  • How to register

Please e-mail the following information:

  • Name of integration company
  • Name and title of contact person
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Web site address
  • Name and number of 4 merchants for whom you've integrated Desjardins online payment solutions

You will receive a reply by e-mail or regular mail after the next evaluation period. Registration requests must contain all information requested or they will not be processed.

  1. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee your acceptance for the program. Desjardins reserves the right to change the criteria, as well as any other element of the Desjardins Partnership Program, unilaterally and without prior notice. The e-commerce business development potential of your industry must correspond with that of Desjardins.

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