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FLEX integrated payment solution

The strength of the FLEX integrated solution is the interaction it provides between the payment functions and the point-of-sale system. Highly secure and affordable, this solution allows you to reduce your PCI DSS-related costs and fulfills your mobility needs: a combination exclusive to Desjardins.

  • Debit and credit cards – Accept magnetic stripe, chip and contactless payments.
  • Gift cards – Replace traditional gift certificates and paper credit notes.
  • In-store Accord D financing program – Offer clients flexible in-store payment methods.
  • Increase productivity
    • No need to enter the purchase amount on the terminal; the transaction is initiated on the POS system and the amount is automatically displayed on the terminal.

  • Simplify daily closings
    • Reduce risks related to entering the transaction twice (e.g., entering $100 on the POS system and $10 on the terminal).
    • Automatic reconciliation by card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and transaction (debit, credit, cash).
    • Automatic reconciliation of sales and transactions.

  • Improve administrative control
    • Access to detailed sales transaction reports.

  • Reduce paper waste
    • Transaction receipt printed on the sales slip.

  • Secure your payment transactions
    • Solution that complies with the industry's best security practices (PCI DSS).

Process payment transactions at the cash.

  • Fulfills the needs of grocery stores, book stores, drug stores, hardware stores, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.
  • Maximizes the available counter space thanks to the very compact PIN pad.
  • Meets the need for fast service with the contactless payment feature.

Lean more about FLEX Classic Solution (PDF, 699 KB)

Accept payments anywhere in and around your business, wherever your customers are.

  • Perfect for restaurants, patios, big box stores, garden centres, etc.
  • Allows your customers to pay wherever they happen to be, without having to go to a checkout counter.
  • Improves service quality.
  • Reduces the coming and going between customers and the checkout.
  • Improves staff efficiency.

Lean more about FLEX Entourage Solution (PDF, 746 KB)

Enjoy mobile payment anywhere you go.

  • Eliminates payment restrictions associated with deliveries in sectors such as restaurants, furniture, hardware, etc.
  • Allows you to offer several card payment options at customer locations.
  • Increases sales.
  • Provides your customers with the same level of service as in the store.
  • Gives your staff peace of mind by eliminating the need to carry large sums of cash with them when on the road.

Lean more about FLEX Nomad Solution (PDF, 551 KB)

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