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Employer D - Unique

Payroll solution for web-savvy employers

  • Payroll in a few easy steps
  • Advanced features for more complex payrolls
  • Available online on a secure connection: always mobile!
  • Free updates, unlike accounting software
  • Various interfaces to connect with your accounting, HR and timesheet systems
  • Production of employee payroll. Salary processing from gross to net according to pay period frequencies
  • Wide range of applicable earnings, deductions and banks
  • Source deductions and remittances to various government agencies and third parties (EI, QPP,QPIP, CPP, CNT, HSF, EHT, FSTQ, CSST, personal income tax, etc.)
  • Government remittances rigorously managed to prevent late transmissions and penalties
  • Production of tax slips (T4, T4A and Relevé 1) and year-end government summaries (federal only)
  • Direct deposit into employee accounts at their financial institution
  • Payroll delivery
  • Several reports generated every pay period (periodic reports available upon request)
  • Reports included:
    • Record of wages
    • Accounting entries report
    • Transaction journal
    • Annual summaries
    • Record of employment (ROE Web)
  • Features included:
    • Attendance calendar—summary table indicating absences by category for each employee
    • Creation of a data entry template
    • Mass changes can be made to multiple fields
    • History of changes
    • Filter and sort options available to facilitate data entry, report production or modifications
    • Payroll simulator
  • Online help at any time
  • Team of experts at your service Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Advice adapted to your line of business
  • Information about any tax or legislative changes
  • Constant monitoring of all current Canadian provincial laws and prescribed regulations

Requiring only a simple internet connection, Employer D Unique allows you to prepare your payroll in a few quick and easy steps:

  • Update employee files
    • New hires, salary changes or any other modification required before payroll data is entered
  • Data entry
    • The data may be entered directly or imported from an external system
  • Verification and preview (pre-processing also available)
    • Verify data directly on-screen or print verification reports
  • Submitting and processing data
    • As soon as it is received, we process your data: calculating salary and source deductions, transferring funds to pay your employees, printing cheques, deposit notices and pay slips, processing remittances, preparing payroll documents, etc.
  • Payroll results
    • Payroll documents available in PDF within an hour after processing or delivered the next day
    • Employee salaries deposited directly to their account on the expected date
  • Pay your employees easily: user-friendly interface
  • Worry-free: we take care of the regulatory aspects of payroll
  • No installation or specific technical resources are required
  • Data accessible at all times and protected from disaster
  • Reports archived
  • Avoid late transmissions and penalties
  • More than 300 payroll experts to help you
  • Employer Self-Service - Efficient, fast, simple
    Consult and validate your payroll reports electronically as soon as an hour after they are processed. Your payroll reports are archived free of charge.
  • Employee Self-Service - Eco-friendly
    Employees can access their deposit notices and T4s.
  • Web GL
    Tool to summarize your payroll data and transfer it to your accounting system (interface compatible with most widely-used accounting software systems).
  • Report generator
    In addition to readily available standard reports, Employer D Unique offers a report generator allowing you to use your payroll data to suit your specific needs.
  • Group Insurance Module
    Benefit calculations automatically computed. For instance, modification to an employee's insurance premiums after a salary change.