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Human resources management

Reliable, tailored human resources solutions

  • Modular and customized
  • Designed to integrate your business procedures and optimize strategic vision
  • HRIS favours access to and automation of records
  • Document and manage all human resource activities
  • Official partner of Ordre des conseillers en RH agréés (CHRH)


Employer D - Select is a human resources management software package that allows you to elevate the HR service of your company to a pertinent, strategic and profitable management level using the following:

  • Information centralization
  • Decentralized access
  • Interactive modules
  • Business intelligence:
    • Process automation (recalls, automated notes)
    • Management indicators and dynamic dashboards
    • Graphs

The flexibility of the solution that you can adapt to your procedures using simple tools (without development). By automating certain non-value-added tasks, Employer D allows you to concentrate on what really counts: your employees and business objectives.

With this modular and changing solution, you can start with the basic module, then add one or more of the following human resources management modules, depending on your needs:

  • Assignment and position management
  • Recruiting
  • Workplace health and safety management
    • Health and workplace safety financials
    • Prevention and risk management
  • Absences and disability
  • Training
  • Performance assessment
  • Labour relations
  • Timesheets
  • Outsourcing

This modular software solution is sold in SaaS mode (on-demand software service) and hosted on our servers.

You need not worry about technology to access your data, since it is available from anywhere and at all times. With cloud information technology, technological complexity is relocated to the supplier.

Contact us to learn more about our HR modules. We will be happy to meet with you to show you how user-friendly and flexible our human resources management system is.

  • Building a central computerized file will allow you to reduce paperwork and facilitate access to information
  • Standard implementation whose costs are known ahead of time
  • A solution adapted to your business process
  • A scalable solution, which evolves at the rhythm of your
  • Neither installation nor specific technical resources is required
  • Your data is accessible at all times and protected in case of disaster


Basic module

The basic HR module is the heart of your system and the starting point of our solution.


  • Allows you to structure the data that is essential to managing your human resources
  • Centralizes your employee records and decentralizes access
  • Powerful management tool, combined with a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation
  • As flexible as the big ERPs, without the costs and complexities

How to use the Employer D Select solution

  • You do not need to become an implementation specialist to use our Employer D Select solution.
  • Implementation is standard. Our specialists can translate your human resources needs to suit your business objectives.
  • Without any development, the tool box integrated into the application allows them to adapt the human resources management solution so that it harmonises with your HR management practices.

The tool box includes the following functions:

  • user fields, windows and screens
  • advanced report generator
  • PA system tool (personal assistant) that eliminates non-value-added activities
  • change terminology
  • document templates
  • personalized security

Complementary modules

In today's job market, you have to do more than retain staff. You have to use your talent wisely. Succession planning allows you to analyse gaps between employee skills and job requirements.

The Assignment and Position Management module allows you to manage:

  • positions
  • salary scales
  • remuneration
  • positions (key, secondary, their percentage)
  • requirements for a position
  • replacement process for a position
  • organizational charts

Salary increases may be automated and based on performance evaluation results.

The recruitment module helps you make the recruiting process systematic:

  • Publication of available positions
    • on the company Intranet
    • on external websites (Jobboom and Monster)
  • Personalized questionnaires relating to job requirements (rating system)
  • Questionnaire results analysis usable online
  • Potential candidate management: bulk e-mail (non-retained candidates, recalls) interview follow-up, file notes, reference validation etc.
  • Automation of your reception process: hiring notice, individual training plan, equipment loans (computer, cellular, access card, etc.)
  • Allows the recruited candidate to become an employee. You thereby avoid entering data twice

The Occupational Health and Safety module allows you to conduct comprehensive management and proactive follow-ups of your workplace accident files, as well as better cost control for health and safety in the workplace.

  • The most effective solution on the market
  • Positive impact on your costs
    • Reduction of number of accidents and length of disability absences
    • Reconciliation of CSST1 invoices
    • Reduction of your contribution rate
  • CSST1 certified
    • Integration of CSST1 forms
    • Electronic transfer of the Employer notice and reimbursement request1
    • File recovery from CSST1
  • Integration of many government forms
  • More than 20 follow-up files offered
    • Medical follow-up (check up, medical attestation, medical leave, etc.)
    • Administrative follow-up (lost days, first 14 days, declaration of accident form, temporary assignment, appeal, etc.)
    • Financial follow-up (cost sharing, imputation follow-up, etc.)
  • Several tools allowing for better file management
    • Automatic notes and recalls based on business logic
    • List of frequencies and severities
    • Automatic report production
    • Follow up notes associated and merged documents
1. Offered only in Quebec.

To complement the OH&S module, the Health and Safety Financials module is a tool to help with decision making providing a clear vision of your health and safety financials.

  • personalized rate
  • retrospective program
  • cost simulation
  • experience files
  • projection of the retrospective program to make it easier to choose limits
  • loading factors

A culture of prevention, the health and safety pledge for your employees and your company.

By organising your prevention process, you are in a better position to be compliant to Law C-21 as to the criminal liability of organisations (according to the law) in terms of workplace accidents and thereby avoiding the penalties involved.


  • Risk analysis: prioritizing your actions
  • Prevention management:
    • infraction notices
    • health and safety meetings
    • exercising the rights of refusal
    • observation and inspection in the workplace
    • other
  • Corrective measures registry
  • Recovering the interventions file from the CSST1
1. Offered only in Quebec.

Poor management of absences can lead to major costs for a company (employee salary, replacement, loss of productivity etc.).

The Absence and Disability module tells you when an employee is absent or plans to be absent, why and how often he is absent.


In the simplified version, the Absence and Disability module allows you to enter and follow up on employee absences, thereby giving you a clear picture of absenteeism within the company, intervene quickly and reduce its rate.

More comprehensive absence and disability management is available as an option for companies who want to use the Absence and Disability module to:

  • better manage absence files to reduce their duration
  • access management dashboards to follow absenteeism rate
  • promote rapid return to work for employees (temporary assignment)

The optional Self-Service Absence module allows employees to request time off and see their vacation bank online

How can the Training module help your company?

  • You can follow up on employee training and show the importance you give to employee improvement and advancement.
  • You can attract and retain competent, motivated resources.


  • Plan training sessions
  • Manage course registration
  • Automatically attribute the knowledge or skill acquired in training
  • Compile statistics to answer to specific company needs:

    For any given year, obtain the statistics relative to expenses incurred pertaining to the Act to Promote Workforce Skills and Development and Recognition (formerly known as Act 90).

    From the statistics, you can fill out the form required by the government and supply the following information:

    • the targeted amount (1% of the payroll)
    • the amount spent versus selected budgets
    • the gap between the targeted amount and the amount spent
    • the surplus amount from one year which can be transferred to another year
  • Employee Self-Service option allows employees to:
    • look up the course calendar and schedule
    • register online for a waiting list
    • view or receive registration information

Performance assessment management is an often neglected, important annual process in any company. The impacts, both for the employee and the employer, can be many (e.g., demoralized employees, poorly oriented to the strategic priorities of the company).

The Performance Assessment module allows you to make the process systematic so you can:

  • define and communicate objectives (qualitative and quantitative) to employees
  • with the employee, evaluate his performance mid-year
  • use auto-assessment
  • fill out a questionnaire that structures the process
  • enter performance assessment


  • Automation tools to plan your performance assessments ahead of time and create reminders
  • When linked to the Training module, the system allows you to register employees for training sessions with the objective of bridging the identified gaps. The acquired knowledge is then automatically entered in the employee profile.
  • Self-Service option allows employees to complete their evaluation questionnaires online.

The Labour Relations module ensures complete, efficient management of labour relations;

  • collective bargaining agreements
  • grievances
  • complaints
  • disciplinary measures
  • arbitration processes
  • management of regulations (internal and external)

The Timesheet module is a data entry tool that aims to seize information relating to time worked or not, as well as to expenses.


  • Allows you to sort the entries by client, project, activity
  • Possible to manage electronic approval of these data in relation to approval flow from your client
  • Automatically transfer hours or days into the employee's time banks, allowing them access to their time bank balances updated in real time
  • When linked to the Absence and Disability module or to the Health and Safety in the Workplace module, entered absences or workplace accidents are automatically transferred to the timesheet
  • Self-Service option allows employees to fill in timesheets online

The outsourcing module is an interactive tool for companies specializing in employee placement, recruiting, temporary staffing or consulting services.


The module allows you to:

  • define client files and positions with these clients
  • define mandates and their requirements
  • search for the best incumbent (employee or external hire)
  • assign the resources to the mandate
  • manage availabilities
  • follow-up on assignments and mandates

When used together with the Timesheet module, assignments may automatically generate entries into the timesheet.