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Health, safety and risk prevention

Manage your Occupational health and safety(OH&S), prevention and and workplace risks

  • Manage your occupational health and safety activities (OH&S) with a single, comprehensive solution
  • Aim for compliance to the recognised standards in health and safety (OHSAS 18001)
  • Demonstrate your social responsibility by managing prevention
  • Manage your risks so that you are not at risk
  • Reduce your health and safety costs associated to managing work related accidents


Your company culture is oriented towards the health and safety of your resources? Our solution is there to support you.

Thanks to its various health and safety management tools, our system allows you to be compliant to regulation and reduce costs associated to work related accidents, while demonstrating your social responsibility.

The use of a health and safety management system is included in a process that aims to comply with recognised standards, like OHSAS 18001, pertinent prevention programs and continuous improvement mechanisms.

Our Web solution, accessible as a hosted solution, allows you to manage the following elements:

  • OH&S Management
  • Prevention and risk management
  • Management of disability files
  • OH&S Financial

A modular software solution, sold in SaaS mode (on-demand software service) and hosted on our servers.

  • Basic module mandatory
  • Financial, Disability and Prevention modules optional under the OH&S Management module

You need not worry about technology to access your data, since it is available from anywhere and at all times.

  • Using information technology in health and safety allows you to reduce paperwork and ease access to information, showing diligence in case of an inspection
  • Neither installation nor specific technical resources is required
  • Your data is accessible at all times and protected in case of disaster
  • CSST certified
  • Aims to comply with recognised standards, like OHSAS 18001
  • Provides managers with a tool to comply with Law C-211
  1. Bill C-21: Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Sentencing for Fraud).


Conducting comprehensive management and proactive follow-up of your occupational accident disability files, the pledge of better cost control for health and safety in the workplace.

  • The most effective solution on the market
  • Positive impact on your costs
    • Reduction of number of accidents and length of disability absences
    • Reconciliation of CSST invoices1
    • Reduction of your contribution rate
  • CSST1 certified
    • Integration of CSST1 forms
    • Electronic transfer of the Employer notice and reimbursement request
    • File recovery from CSST1 files
  • Integration of several government forms
  • More than 20 follow-up files offered
    • Medical follow-up (check up, medical attestation, medical leave, etc.)
    • Administrative follow-up (lost days, first 14 days, declaration of accident form, temporary assignment, appeal, etc.)
    • Financial follow-up (cost sharing, imputation follow-up, etc.)
  • Several tools allowing for better file management
    • Automatic notes and recalls based on business logic
    • Automatic report production
    • Follow-up notes and associated and merged documents

1. Offered only in Quebec.

A culture of prevention, the health and safety pledge for your employees and your company.

By organising your prevention process, you are in a better position to be compliant to Law C-21 as to the criminal liability of organisations (according to the law) in terms of workplace accidents and thereby avoiding the penalties involved.

  • Risk analysis: prioritizing your actions
  • Prevention management:
    • infraction notices
    • health and safety meetings
    • exercising the rights of refusal
    • observation and inspection in the workplace
    • other
  • Corrective measures registry
  • Recovering the interventions file from the CSST1
  1. Offered only in Quebec.

Comprehensive management of absences and disability periods, the pledge of a reduction in absenteeism.

Our solution allows you to:

  • better manage absentee files in order to reduce their length
  • access management tools to follow the absenteeism rate
  • promote rapid return to work for your employees (temporary assignment)

A tool to help with decision making, a pledge for a clear vision of your health and safety financial

  • Personalised rate
  • Retrospective program
  • Cost simulation
  • Experience files
  • Projection of the retrospective program to make it easier to choose limits
  • Loading factors