Our team

Our team

A close and collaborative relationship

With our wide range of expertise, we have a comprehensive view of our client’s specific needs and work together to find optimal solutions for them.

“Because we are part of Desjardins Group, we have access to a wide range of resources so we can give all our clients the best possible experience.”

Nicolas Richard, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Our success is built on the integrity and expertise of our teams. From the beginning, DGAM has had experienced professionals working in every asset class, diligently following clearly defined management practices.”

Christian Duceppe, Vice-President and Chief Investments Officer, Public Markets

Our investment specialists

  • Guy Lamontagne

    Vice-President and Head of Investment Strategy

  • Christian Felx

    Manager and Head of Responsible Investment

  • Sofiane Tafat

    Senior Advisor, Quantitative Research

  • Tommy Nguyen

    Manager and Head of Global Equities

  • Marie-Claude DesRoches

    Manager, Fixed income

  • Simon Garneau

    Senior Portfolio Manager and Team Leader

  • Jérôme Lacombe

    Senior Portfolio Manager and Team Leader

  • Tony Beaulac

    Portfolio Manager

  • Eric Viveiros

    Strategist and Portfolio Manager

  • Michel Bédard

    Vice-President, Real Estate Investments

  • Christian Pouliot

    Regional Vice-President, Real Estate Investments, Eastern Canada

  • Brian Spratley

    Regional Vice-President, Real Estate Investments, Central and Western Canada

  • Frédéric Angers

    Vice-President and Head of Infrastructure Investments

  • Pierre Asselin

    Manager, Infrastructure Investments

  • Guillaume Morency

    Manager, Infrastructure Investments

  • Vincent Fitzbay

    Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Natalie Bisaillon

    Vice-President and Chief of Partnerships and Institutional Client Relations

  • Michel Méthot

    Client Relationship Manager

  • Marco Larocque

    Client Relationship Manager

  • Guillaume Bougie

    Portfolio Manager, Partnerships with Institutional Clients

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Natalie Bisaillon
Vice-President, Business Development and Client Relations

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