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Zero Balance Account at Desjardins Bank

U.S. zero balance accounts are available to companies seeking to streamline their cash management processes. You get all the benefits of a U.S. commercial account without the daily task of managing account activity.

Each day, deposits of payments received from clients and withdrawals made to pay suppliers are redirected from your U.S. account to your Desjardins caisse account in Canada. All of your account activity in North America is therefore centralized in a single account.


Write cheques in U.S. dollars in your company's name drawn on Desjardins Bank and disburse funds in the form of direct withdrawals. Total withdrawn is debited from your Desjardins account in Canada.

Direct deposits

Receive direct ACH (Automated Clearing House) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers)deposits in U.S. dollars directly in your U.S. dollar caisse account. U.S. dollar funds are deposited into your caisse account one day after they are received in the U.S.

Centralize and accelerate your access to incoming U.S. funds as funds are deposited in a lock box. Works the same way as a standard lock box, but funds are redirected to your Desjardins account in Canada.