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Group registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

To build employee loyalty and help them save for retirement!

With a group RRSP, you get:

  • Flexible and competitive administration and management fees
  • A dedicated contact person assigned to each company
  • An easy-to-manage plan that requires fewer administrative tasks
  • Employer contributions that are tax-deductible
  • Choice in how the contributions are transmitted


Here are some of the features of our group RRSPs:

  • Grouping of individual RRSPs with centralized administration
  • Ability to accumulate retirement savings at lower group rates
  • Perfect add-on to the company pension plan
  • Contributions:
    • Employee: not locked-in, considered taxable benefits
    • Employer: not locked-in, added to participants' salaries
  • Contribution room subject to tax limits
  • Only group RRSP contributions are eligible for the HBP or LLP (monies invested in a LIRA aren't eligible for the HBP or LLP)
  • Locked-in funds from a supplemental pension plan can be invested in a LIRA, which you can hold together with a group RRSP
  • Non-locked-in funds from a supplemental pension plan, Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) or an individual RRSP can be transferred to a group RRSP
  • Transfers are not allowed between locked-in and non-locked-in accounts
  • For all types of businesses, unions or associations

Employers benefit from:

  • Fewer reporting requirements due to easy, low-cost administration:
  • Minimal legal requirements: not regulated by pension authorities
  • No need to calculate or report pension adjustments (PA)
  • Complete flexibility in terms of:
    • when to contribute
    • how much to contribute (there's no minimum)
  • Plain and simple communication: everyone's heard about RRSPs, so it's easy to explain them to participants

Employees benefit from:

  • Immediate tax break possible: contributions are deducted from their gross earnings
  • Tax-free growth
  • Active participation: choice among several available investment options
  • Contributions deducted at the source (encourages regular savings)
  • No minimum contribution
  • Contributions that are not locked-in and can be accessed any time (except if the employer imposes withdrawal restrictions during employment, in which case withdrawals can only be made for an HBP or LLP)
  • Ability to contribute to a spouse's RRSP
  • Employer contributions are vested immediately