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Products and services

Our seasoned corporate banking team strategically leverages the expertise of Desjardins Capital Markets and other areas of the broader Desjardins Group to provide our clients with global customized solutions.

Two groups provide this service. One provides relationship management coverage and works closely with our structure and syndication team to provide our customers with creative and flexible financing approaches.

We serve clients nationwide from our Montreal, Toronto and Calgary offices. We also operate a U.S. platform enabling us offer cross-border financing solutions.

Desjardins benefits from a strong balance sheet which coupled with our best-in-class credit ratings allows us to fully support our clients with the deployment of their business strategies and permits us to take on lead roles.

Our experienced lending team covers public and private corporations within multiple industry sectors including:

  • Retail/distribution
  • Energy
  • Telecom/media
  • Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Real estate
  • Cooperatives


  • Loan structuring
  • Syndication team
  • Revolving credit
  • Bridge and term loans
  • Letters of credit and guarantee

Banking and treasury

  • Private and public sector focus
  • Collections
  • Conciliation
  • Global treasury management


  • Derivatives (FX, IRS, etc.)
  • Import / Export letters of credit
  • International currency transfers
  • Worldwide network of correspondent banks
  • Lock boxes
  • Foreign currency accounts

Recent transactions
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We have built a premier sales and trading desk by assembling a team of dynamic and competent professionals.

With a focus on aggressive institutional block trading, our team has the proven ability to be nimble despite the large scale of our operation. Our key differentiators are our:

  • high-touch client-service approach
  • ability to provide trading liquidity to our clients
  • high-quality execution
  • concrete and realistic ideas

With offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, our team covers more than 300 active institutional accounts in Canada, the United States and Europe. We handle all of Desjardins Capital Markets' equity-related activities, including:

  • initial public offerings
  • normal course issuer bids
  • secondary trading
  • market stabilization
  • facilitation trading
  • block trading
  • direct market access

Our institutional sales and trading team also hosts conferences and meetings that bring together institutional clients and issuers. We pride ourselves on facilitating our clients trading requirements by providing them with access to cutting edge technologies. These include fixed connections and algorithmic trading, as well as access to all trading exchanges, including dark pools, through our dynamic smart order routers which ensure trades go through at the best price.

Through our exclusive relationship with European Securities Network (ESN), a consortium of ten European investment banks, we provide our clients with access to expert local trading talent in key international markets.

Our experienced team of investment banking professionals is committed to providing value-added services to our clients across North America, in addition to key access to the European markets through a network of well-established partners.

We offer customized, creative and flexible financing solutions based on extensive market intelligence and in-depth industry experience across many sectors. We are committed to working closely with our clients in order to provide products and services that meet their needs.

Our professionals are experienced, and insightful, and focused on building solid relationships to help our clients achieve their goals.

We provide services for:

  • Advisory services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Public and private equity transactions, including IPOs, follow-on and secondary offerings
  • Public offering of debt securities
  • Private placement of debt and equity securities
  • Preferred shares issuance

We have expertise in the following sectors:

  • Metals and Mining
  • Energy
  • Consumer Products and Merchandising
  • Industrials & Diversified
  • Power & Utilities
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecommunications, Technology and Media
  • Life Sciences

Equity Capital Markets

The Equity Capital Markets (ECM) team executes public and private equity and equity-linked financings for Desjardins Capital Markets' client base. We partner with our investment banking professionals to advise corporations in Canada, the United States and internationally. We also provide our services to private companies and financial sponsors.

Our ECM team is the liaison with sales professionals and traders in Desjardins Capital Markets' Equities group, as well as the ECM teams at other domestic and international investment dealers.

We are responsible for helping companies execute primary market transactions by managing the structure, syndication, marketing, distribution, pricing, allocation, stabilization and after market support for new issues.

Our specialties are:

  • Common equity and income trust financings
  • Warrants and other equity derivatives
  • Preferred shares
  • Structured retail products
  • Convertible securities and exchangeable debentures

Recent transactions
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Desjardins Capital Markets' Fixed Income Group is one of Canada's fastest growing dealers covering over 200 institutional investors including Canadian and international mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, banks, governments and hedge funds.

We provide international coverage with clients in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Desjardins is a Primary Dealer for the Bank of Canada and is an active trader of Government of Canada, provincial, agency, corporate and municipal fixed income securities. For three consecutive years, Desjardins' Fixed Income Group has been ranked #1 in Canada in electronic trading.

We have been able to outperform our peers by promoting a focus on partnership with our clients, emphasizing unique idea generation, and delivering continuously on our commitment to consistent execution.

Debt Capital Markets

Our Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team provides bond issuance and advisory services to government and corporate issuers in the Canadian fixed income market.

Our debt capital markets team is experiencing fast growth in Canada.

We are currently part of more than 90 domestic debt syndicates. In 2014, we participated in more than 200 new bond issues and were ranked as the 7th largest underwriter of corporate fixed income securities in Canada.


The Fixed Income Group publishes research pertaining to the Canadian bond market. Click here for more information.

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The Preferred Share team is one of Canada's most active teams with respect to sales, block trading and top-rated research of Canadian preferred share products.

Desjardins was the architect of the rate reset preferred share structure and has been a major participant in many issues; our excellent relationship with our institutional clients has been instrumental in our success. Our extensive retail network also provides us with placement power for new issues.

In the preferred share market, we have established a significant presence with most major financial institutions, corporations and mutual fund participants who issue, trade and seek advice.

We maintain close contact with regulatory authorities and rating agencies in order to advise and to inform on relevant issues involving our niche market.

Capital is provided for proprietary and client accumulation in order to provide liquidity.

Since 2002, Desjardins has co-managed, as a syndicate member, over $67 billion of preferred share underwritings.

Recent transactions
See recent transactions.

Research Services provides support to Desjardins Capital Markets through the publication of fundamental and quantitative research on corporations and the specific industry sectors of interest to our clients. Our experienced research team covers:


Our Team

Desjardins Capital Markets has a strong team of leading and renowned industry analysts. Our fundamental research is distinguished by the depth and breadth of its coverage of Canadian corporations. In addition, the Research group has a dedicated quantitative and technical team focused on North American stocks.

The department consists of approximately 30 individuals, most of whom are senior analysts and experienced associates, located in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. The coverage extends across all major sectors of the Canadian market with a notable emphasis on:

  • Metals and Mining
  • Financials
  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer
  • Industrials
  • Power & Utilities
  • Consumer
  • Quebec-based Situations
Our distribution

Desjardins Capital Markets produces different publishing vehicles to provide value-added and timely views.

Morning Pulse

A daily publication featuring our investment views and insights on companies under coverage.

Research Comments

Detailed reports with extensive analysis on specific companies and sectors. Thematic perspectives related to a sector or firm.

Research Report

Clear and detailed recommendations based on extensive analysis. Definition of strategies.

Express Pulse

Short and timely electronic communication to address market, company or corporate sensitive developments.

Our publications are designed to support your decision-making process. As part of our efforts to provide our clients with the most current research content, in 2014, Desjardins Capital Markets published:

  • 787 Morning Pulse Notes
  • 411 Research Comments
  • 21 Research Reports
  • 730 Express Pulses

Desjardins Capital Markets relies primarily on its Institutional Sales group and Retail brokerage network to distribute its research.

Our research publications are available on the following sites 1:
Alliance with ESN North America

Desjardins Capital Markets also benefits from a research distribution agreement with the European Securities Network (ESN), North America.

Founded in 1998, ESN is a consortium of 9 European investment banks, with over 150 traders and 100 research analysts, covering over 1,000 investors in Europe.

In early 2011, Desjardins Capital Markets entered into an agreement with ESN North America that covers the distribution of equities research. Desjardins Capital Markets is the only group in Canada to have access to this network, providing us with the unique ability to distribute our research to some of Europe's leading financial institutions.

1. Password required. Some publications may not be available in English.

Fixed Income

The Fixed Income Group publishes daily, weekly, selective and on demand research pertaining to the Canadian bond market. We seek to deliver value to our institutional and public sector clients through a wide variety of timely and punctual publications, including:


Daily publication on Canada Mortgage and Provincial bond pricing levels and trends

Weekly Reviews

In depth research published weekly on Provincial, Corporate and Financial primary and secondary markets

Auctions and New Previews

Punctual information relating to new Canadian and U.S. bond auctions and Canada Mortgage bond new issues

Market Insight

Commentary, analysis and reports on market specific topics as well as timely trading ideas


Government bond auctions & central banks meetings

Canada Economic Roadmap

A graphical review of Canada's most significant economic indicators

Central Banks Statements

Comparative analyses of monetary policy statements by the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve Bank

Economic Research

Desjardins Capital Markets leverages the strength of the Desjardins Group's economic studies to provide our clients with sophisticated analysis relating to the Canadian and global economic environment.

The Economic Studies Team analyzes the impact of economic environments and financial markets and produces forecasts.

See our economic studies:

  • Our most recent publications
  • News and financial markets
  • Government budgets
  • Québec-Ontario economic conditions
  • Reports, studies and guides
  • Forecasts