International funds transfers

To streamline the management of a company with national and international interests. Can be used for a variety of transactions, such as depositing payroll into the accounts of employees working abroad, or paying suppliers located anywhere in the world.


  • Efficient payment of international suppliers
  • Most countries and currencies available
  • Sophisticated security features protect each transfer

Processing times by transfer

Type of transfer1 Within
SWIFT transfer 0 to 48 business hours
Direct Deposit 12 hours to 4 business days

How it works

Step 1:

Click International services, then Funds transfers.

Step 2:

Enter a destination, currency, recipient information, source account and amount. Click Next.

Step 3:

Select a transfer mode. Click Next.

Step 4:

Check your information and click Confirm.

Did you know?

You can delegate international funds transfers to an employee and still maintain control. Learn more about transaction delegation.

  1. These types of transafers are not available in all countries.