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Clear your browser's cache memory

Cache memory is a temporary memory in your Web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer) used to locally store information that you accessed during a session. When you need to retrieve this information, your browser or wireless device gets it from the cache memory rather than from main memory where it was originally stored. Cache memory thus speeds up the retrieval and display time for information you consult while browsing.

At the end of your AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires session, you could therefore have personal financial data in your browser's cache memory. To protect the confidentiality of such information, make sure that you clear the cache memory at the end of each session.

How to clear your browser's cache memory

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher for Windows

  • From the Tools menu, click Internet Options, then the General tab.
  • In the Safety section, click Delete Browsing History.
  • In the new window, click Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files section.
  • Click OK to return to your browser.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and higher

  • From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History.
  • Select Everything in Time range to clear.
  • Click on Details.
  • Check the Cache and Cookies boxes only.
  • Click on Clear Now.

Safari 5 and higher

  • From the Develop menu, select Empty Cache.
    • To display the Develop menu, from the Safari menu:
      • Click on Preferences, , then on the Advanced tab.
      • Check the show Develop menu in menu bar box.