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Available features

AccèsD Affaires offers you all the features you need to manage your business and be in total control of your business affairs.

To use AccèsD Affaires
You must have a Desjardins business account.

Register for AccèsD Affaires

Check the current balance of your company's CAD and USD business accounts, lines of credit, loans or Desjardins credit card accounts.
Get fiscal year-end account balances. Delegate the task to your company accountant.
Pay your business's bills (phone, electricity, municipal taxes, etc.) online. Over 5,000 eligible organizations.
Manage your company's Desjardins credit card accounts.
View and download cheque images (in PDF) for specific time periods.
Send direct deposit and withdrawal files (to pay your employees and suppliers or collect rent from your tenants) online.
File tax returns directly online and make federal and provincial government remittances securely and effortlessly.
Simplify the management of your business by transferring money abroad directly on AccèsD Affaires.
Invest your liquid cash in tem savings easily and quickly without any intermediaries. It's all done instantly!
You can use AccèsD Affaires to manage the amount and frequency of your transfers to your Enhanced Investment Business Account based on your cash flow.
Pay all your service providers with an account at a Canadian financial institution.
Receive and view direct deposit and withdrawal transmission and account collection service reports.
Search for transactions made in your business account using various search criteria.
Stop payment on pre-authorized payments or cheques at any time with this simple-to-use feature.
Delegate tasks in AccèsD Affaires the way you already delegate other tasks within your company or to outside collaborators.
Transfer funds between your Desjardins accounts, make inter-currency transfers and pay back your line of credit.

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