Cheque imaging

Keep track of your cheques online!

AccèsD Affaires users who have the cheque return option on their account can now keep track of their cheques online with the new cheque imaging service.


  • Lets you:
    • view the front and back of each cheque as soon as it's processed
    • download PDF images of the front and back of the cheque for a specific time period
  • Automatically accessible to members who have the cheque return option on their account, meaning that cheques debited from that account each month or week, as the case may be, are returned with their statement.


  • Download processed cheques for faster and easier bank reconciliation.
  • Find cheques more easily with the sort function (by date or cheque number).
  • Keep a digital history of cheque images; reduce paper and help protect the environment.
  • Automatic access to the cheque imaging service if users already have access to the "View statements" operation in AccèsD Affaires.

Access to cheque images

Once they are deposited to your account, you can view cheque images for:

  • 62 days on your transaction statement1
  • 18 months using the Search transactions feature1
  • 18 months to order and download a series of images in PDF1

Members who do not have the cheque return option on their account

Business members who do not have the cheque return option on their account must contact their caisse, Desjardins Business centre or the AccèsD Affaires service directly to get the cheque imaging service.

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Cheque imaging is only one of the functions available on AccèsD Affaires.

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  1. A history is built day by day from the date you register for cheque imaging on AccèsD Affaires.