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Account services for businesses

Practical account services

  • Simplify your regular transactions
  • Easier cash management
  • Available to Desjardins business account holders

With the mobile deposit service, deposit your cheques using your smartphone or tablet.

  • No need to go to the caisse or ATM to make deposits.
  • Deposit cheques anytime, anywhere.
  • Get instant access to cash.

Learn more - Mobile deposit

  • Simplify your day-to-day business management
  • Save time and money
  • Improve your cash flow with faster deposit processing

Learn more - Remote Deposit Capture

  • Use at ATMs and for direct payment
  • Issues several cards for authorized employees or organizations
  • Transactions statements

Learn more - Business Access Card

  • Make deposits anytime, day or night
  • Deposits made to your account on the same day or next business day
  • Service may be combined with ATM deposits
  • Available at your caisse and by Inter-Caisses

Learn more - Night deposits

  • Deposits made at the teller counter are credited the same day
  • Deposits made to the night deposit are credited the next day
  • Accepted items are identical to those normally accepted at your caisse

Learn more - Inter-Caisses commercial deposits

  • Feature for AccèssD Affaires users
  • Automatically accessible to members who have the cheque return option on their account
  • View cheques for 62 days
  • View the front and back of each cheque as soon as it's processed

Learn more - Cheque imaging

  • Service that consolidates your company's chequing accounts for simple and effective cash management.
  • Daily account consolidated balance for all your accounts
  • See what funds are available to meet your financial obligations

Learn more - Account consolidation

  • Computerized service offering complete issued cheque processing, including reconciliation, storage and research
  • Reports produced at each process
  • Reduce administrative costs

Learn more - Cheque verification

  • Use these forms for efficient deposits. Save them on your computer, fill them out on-screen or print blank forms and fill them out by hand.

Learn more - Electronic commercial deposit slip