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Desjardins Mutual Assistance Fund

In partnership with several community organizations, Desjardins helps those in financial difficulty. Learn more about the Desjardins Mutual Assistance Fund.

Learn about the men and women who benefitted from the Mutual Assistance Fund.

Bouncing back after financial difficulties

The story of a courageous woman who knew to call on the experts.

Staying out of financial trouble

Every day for nearly 10 years, Michèle Goyette has been heading off to work knowing that she'll make a difference in someone's life.

Adjusting your budget to fit your needs

Affected by the loss of her parents and her home, Liliane sought help from her region's ACEF, a consumer advocacy community organization, to take sound financial decisions.

Beating debt one step at a time

Marie is a student and single parent. Balancing her budget is a daily challenge.

Investing where it counts

The story of a courageous mother who must balance great needs and low income.

Keeping bills organized to remain financially autonomous

Gerard's hearing disability creates challenges every day, including when he's handling his finances.

Budget counselling for 50 years

Associations coopératives d'économie familiale (ACEF) counsellors explain how they help change people's lives.

Life after bankruptcy

After going through some rough times, Isabelle found herself in financial turmoil, but she bounced back.

Regaining financial footing

After losing his job as an executive, Richard had to adjust to his new financial reality.

Helping people manage their finances on their own

Facing serious employability challenges, Youssef learned how to better manage his limited budget in order to make ends meet.

Making peace with money

Despite separations that shook her financial balance, Véronique found the key to successfully manage her budget.

48 years of financial education

ACEF Appalaches-Beauce-Etchemins offered first offered courses on budgeting back in 1967, long before "financial literacy" was a thing.

Helping families overcome financial challenges

With help received from ACEF de l'Île-Jésus, Anne-Josée is now better equipped to make ends meet.

Being there when it counts

Sophie sought help from ACEF de l'Est de Montréal after she left her abusive husband and lost all her belongings.

Taking charge of our finances

Odile was 24 when she was the victim of a bus accident that left her unfit to work. The story of a woman determined not to give up.

Get the right support to overcome financial difficulties

When he found out his roommate had cancer, Réjean started experiencing serious anxiety issues. How would he pay the bills all alone?