Residual waste management

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Contributing to environmental protection

Residual waste management

For a number of years, Desjardins has ensured all its work locations have proper waste management practices in place.

Our reuse and recycling programs apply mainly to residual waste from our administrative activities: computers, printers, cell phones, paper, cardboard, glass, etc.

In 2012, 7,756 computers, monitors, printers and other computer equipment were collected for recycling (76%) or reuse (24%). Of this number, 1,721 computers and monitors were given to Ordinateurs pour les écoles du Québec (OPEQ), an organization that promotes social integration, re-employment and recycling.

Close to 16,000 ink cartridges were recycled to benefit the Mira Foundation, which helps disabled people live more independently and integrate into society by providing them with guide dogs and service dogs. Desjardins raised enough funds to help the foundation purchase and train 3 guide dogs.

Since 2008, Desjardins Group has been a promoter of ICI ON RECYCLE!, a recycling program run by RECYC-QUÉBEC, and has committed to gradually implementing the program in its own offices.

2012 results:

We now meet the criteria for the ICI ON RECYCLE! program in 48 of our work sites:

  • 12 at Level 1 (commitment)
  • 34 at Level 2 (instituting measures for the 4Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle and recover—and holding information and awareness-raising activities on responsible waste management)
  • 2 at Level 3 (in addition to meeting Level 2 criteria, locations must have an overall recovery rate of 80%)

In 2012, Desjardins Group organized 11 eco-friendly events certified under Quebec standard BNQ 9700:

  • More than 760 leftover meals were distributed to community organizations through our partnership with La Tablée des chefs.
  • 81.4% of waste was recycled or recovered.
  • 357 tonnes of greenhouse gases were offset by carbon credits.

The Internal Summit of Cooperatives: A carbon-neutral event

Following the International Summit of Cooperatives in October 2012, we purchased carbon credits from Carbone boreal to offset the 741 tonnes of greenhouse gases produced by Desjardins and our other event partners that had not already offset their own. These credits are certified as compliant with the ISO 14064-3 standard by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec. This offset is the equivalent of taking 741 cars off the road for 1 year.