Responsible procurement

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Contributing to environmental protection

Responsible procurement

Desjardins has implemented a new standardized, organization-wide procurement policy1, which was adopted by the board of directors of each Desjardins Group component. It is largely based on:

  • the Desjardins Group Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • the Desjardins Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers

In 2012, we updated the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and will gradually begin integrating it into the following types of documents:

  • calls for tenders
  • calls for proposals
  • contract renewals
  • new contracts
  • other types of business documents

All of Desjardins Group's contracts already contain a provision on ethics and human rights. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers covers the following additional aspects:

  • governance
  • social and cooperative responsibility
  • labour and human rights (freedom of association, child labour, discrimination, etc.)
  • the environment and ethics

Calls for tender include questions about our suppliers' social responsibility practices. We are currently working with existing suppliers to provide guidance on sustainable development issues. In evaluating tenders, when all other criteria are considered equal, Desjardins gives priority to local goods and services and to business reciprocity arrangements.

Desjardins is a partner member of Espace québécois de concertation sur les pratiques d'approvisionnement responsable (ECPAR), an organization whose mission is to define and share best practices for responsible procurement. We are actively involved in this organization and have representatives on its board of directors and its working groups.

  1. With regard to the caisse network, the policy is limited to the acquisition of certain goods and services.