Our commitment

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Committed to our stakeholders

Our commitment

Desjardins Group was created to meet the savings and credit needs of its members. After 112 years, that is still our primary vocation and purpose. Our commitment is also reflected in our operating rules that are specific to cooperatives, and in our commercial practices that, to this day, are still characterized by:

  • the considerable physical and social accessibility of our financial products and services
  • the education and information provided to our members and clients
  • solidarity with people who are in difficulty
  • community development with a focus on sustainable development
  • putting the interests of members and clients first when developing our products and services

We regularly conduct surveys to measure member and client satisfaction and identify improvements to our financial products and services and internal processes. The comments gathered during these surveys allow us to check whether we have met expectations.

Members and clients who stated they were somewhat, very or completely satisfied in surveys1 2012 2011 2010
Caisse network – Individual members 96% 96% 96%
Caisse network – Business members 90% 91% 91%
Desjardins Financial Security – Individual clients 91% 90% 91%
Desjardins Financial Security – Business clients 91% 93% 91%
Desjardins Private Management 93% 94% 93%
Desjardins General Insurance Group 94% 93% 94%
  1. These results represent the total number of “somewhat,” “very” and “completely satisfied” responses on 4, 5 or 10 point scales.

At Desjardins, the satisfaction of our members and clients is a core focus. We continuously implement a variety of initiatives to increase member and client satisfaction in all our business sectors and the caisse network.

In 2012, we standardized caisse satisfaction surveys and our data collection and analysis methods.

Satisfaction with the cooperative difference

Every year, we survey caisse members on their satisfaction with respect to Desjardins Group's cooperative difference. These surveys address the following themes:

  • Accessibility
  • Concern for members' interests
  • The ability to influence major decisions
  • Community involvement
  • Financial information and the financial advantage of doing business with Desjardins

Our Co-opme Program is one tool that will help make this difference even more apparent and satisfying for our members and other stakeholders.

Satisfaction with the cooperative difference 2012 2011 2010
"Somewhat satisfied" and "very satisfied" individual members 86% 86% 86%
"Somewhat satisfied" and "very satisfied" business members 85% 84% 86%
Complaint management

Desjardins members, clients or employees who are dissatisfied with a product, service or decision that relates to them may contact the Desjardins ombudsman as a last resort. The ombudsman handles complaints in a fair and impartial way, taking into account Desjardins Group’s values and rules of professional conduct.

Complaints handled by the ombudsman 2012 2011 2010
Number of complaints 168 183 172

Our marketing communication practices (advertising, promotions, sponsorships) are guided by the values of honesty and transparency and are in keeping with applicable Quebec legislation (consumer protection, copyright, French language). The same applies for:

  • photographic rights
  • Union des artistes standards
  • intellectual property

We have also established a Desjardins Group Image and Reputation Committee that ensures our advertising and marketing practices are aligned with our values.

The protection of personal information is of crucial importance to our stakeholders—our members and clients in particular—and this is why Desjardins Group has adopted a privacy policy, which complements applicable ethical obligations.

This policy establishes the guidelines and rules that all Desjardins components must abide by to ensure the confidentiality and protection of member and client personal information that is collected, held, used or disclosed.

To protect the personal and confidential information of our members and clients and ensure the security of their assets, all staff must take training on information security.

Under the 2010–2011 awareness program, over 80% of our workforce was trained. New employees have 4 months from their hire date to complete these modules.

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