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As a supporter of the principles of the International Co-operative Alliance, Desjardins Group has always been an advocate of long-term development that balances the 3 dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

Accordingly, Desjardins adopted a sustainable development commitment policy to provide a framework for our efforts in terms of products and services, management practices and socio-economic leadership.

Environmental protection is a key factor of our sustainable development commitment policy. To put this commitment into action, Desjardins has implemented various initiatives.

Climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face as a society today. At Desjardins Group, we've chosen to make it a priority as part of our commitment to protect the environment. In connection with the 2015 Paris Agreement, we've made several concrete commitments to reduce our carbon footprint. Since then, we’ve reported every year on our progress made towards achieving these commitments.

In 2020, Desjardins Group was the first financial institution in North America to join the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), a coalition of organizations supported by the United Nations working to phase out the use of coal as a fossil fuel in electric power generation plants. Desjardins Group commits to withdrawing from the coal energy sector and will support the remaining companies in its portfolio that have a firm, short-term plan to transition to renewable energy, in accordance with its position on coal (PDF, 121 KB).

In addition to these commitments, Desjardins is doing everything it can to reduce its environmental impact. Since 2007, we've been producing an inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions. After reaching our previous reduction target (20152017), in 2019 we committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to 20% below 2018 levels by 2024.