Diversity and inclusion

Diversity makes us stronger

At Desjardins, everyone is included, without exception. Our organization defines itself and strives to enhance communities through the diversity of its members and clients.

Beyond genders, generations, origins, cultures, sexual orientations, experiences, skills and all other observable and non-observable differences, there's one fundamental thing that brings us together: our human nature!

Community and pride

In the community

Our employees and officers are actively involved in the LGBTQ community and support initiatives that promote open-mindedness and inclusion and have a significant positive impact on our members and society at large.


Because tolerance and acceptance of others are learned at a young age and LGBTQ youth are often in need of support or a sympathetic ear, Desjardins has teamed up with Interligne as its youth services partner. Interligne is a first response centre that provides help and information related to sexual orientation and gender diversity.

In the workplace

We're pleased to celebrate and support our LGBTQ employees and officers. We promote diversity in the workplace, where individual differences are recognized and valued. Since 2011, we’ve been a member of Pride at Work Canada - External link. This link will open in a new window., which is building a nation where LGBTQ Canadians can achieve their full potential at work.

Our partners