ATM voice assistance user manual

Objective of voice assistance

ATM voice assistance is a solution that allows people who are blind, visually impaired or illiterate make their transactions.

Voice assistance functions are being gradually rolled out as ATMs are updated. Withdrawals and no-envelope deposits were the first to be implemented. Eventually, you will be able to make all transactions with voice assistance.

How it works

Transactions using voice assistance are optimized to be made from the keypad. Simultaneous keypad and touchscreen use is not recommended.

Activating voice assistance

  • Plug headphones into the ATM.
  • Listen to the instructions on how the keypad is laid out.
  • Insert the ATM card.
    Note: If you plug the headphones into the ATM after inserting the card, voice assistance will not be activated. The transaction in progress will have to be cancelled.
  • To get the instructions, put the headphones on first, then insert the ATM card.

Voice assistance language

  • When the ATM card is inserted, instructions will be bilingual.
  • The rest of the transactions will be done in the language of the card.

How to get voice assistance you can understand

  • Allow a half-second delay between each key pressed on the keypad.
  • This time limit is very important when entering amounts. While waiting for the half second, you must hear the key clearly pressed and enter the correct amount.

How to activate a hidden screen

  • The option to hide a screen is a security feature for people who are completely blind.
  • Put the headphones on, press 7 to hide the screen, then insert your ATM card.

Items rejected when making a deposit

To retrieve items rejected by the ATM, hover your hand several seconds over the deposit slot.
Note: There is no sound to guide you if the ATM rejects your items when making a deposit.

How to avoid a rejected cheque

  • Write the amount in numbers: separate the dollars from the cents with a period. Enter the pennies even if they total 0.
  • Write out the amount using block letters.
  • Enter this information in the spaces provided.

Time limit for retrieving the ATM card

When you've completed your transactions, you'll have 35 seconds to take your card back, otherwise the ATM will keep it.

Appendix: voice assistance text instructions

[Welcome message in French.]

Welcome to Desjardins.

[Instructions in French.]

The keypad is configured like a phone keypad. There are 12 keys. The 5 key has a raised dot in the centre.

The star is to the left of the 0 and the number sign is to its right. Adjust the volume by pressing the star. Adjust the speed by pressing the number sign.

Voice assistance allows you to make transactions without displaying them on-screen.

Would you like to deactivate the display function?

If yes, press 7.

If no, press 8.

[Instructions in French.]

Insert your card into the reader located below and to the right of the keypad.

There are 4 keys to the right of the keypad, the first 3 have raised symbols.

They are, from top to bottom:

  • Cancel which has a raised X.
  • Correction, which has a raised arrow.
  • OK, which has a raised circle.
  • The fourth key can be pressed at any time to hear your options again.

Enter your personal ID number or PIN.