Support for Developing, Professionalizing and Revitalizing Microfinance (ADAPAMI)

Start date: January 2017

End date: January 2023

Funding partner: Global Affairs Canada

Project description

This project aims to improve the economic situation of vulnerable populations of Benin, particularly women and youth, by strengthening the state's supervisory role over a modernized microfinance sector that counts 2.2 million members (50% women). It also aims to promote the financial inclusion of approximately 500,000 people, especially people living in rural areas, women and young adults.

The economic conditions of Benin's entire population will improve as a result, particularly those of women and rural communities.

Results as of December 31, 2018

  • 4,014 people received financial education training, including 3,577 women. 65,000 people will be trained by the end of the program.
  • An entrepreneur financial centre (EFC) was set up in Parakou to serve entrepreneurs in the northern and central regions of the country. 31 loans were granted (10 to women) for a total of 482.5 million CFA francs.
  • The establishment of a financial inclusion strategy helped 119,125 people (58% women) access financial services.
  • Awareness and training activities on gender equality were conducted.
  • The Agence nationale de surveillance des systèmes financiers décentralisés (ANSSFD) was assisted in carrying out 10 inspection missions and 5 recommendation follow-up missions.