Our expertise

Our expertise

Since 1970, we've been developing rigorous methodologies based on best practices to provide the world's most disadvantaged populations access to diversified and secure financial services that fit their needs.

We have 50 years of experience sharing our knowledge of inclusive finance with local organizations and financial institutions in developing countries and adapting Desjardins Group's strategies for their needs.

We offer support in 2 main forms:

Technical assistance

Our approach integrates a wide range of specializations to support the professionalization and growth of financial institutions and the inclusive finance sector.


We offer financial institutions a source of capital to be used for financing and investment. Our goal is to help these institutions pursue their growth, strengthen their governance and provide disadvantaged populations better access to financial services.

Our specialized services

Our interventions require a variety of specialized services. We prioritize those that intersect multiple disciplines, particularly gender equality and the fight against climate change.