Strengthening governance to empower disadvantaged populations.

Governance makes it possible to monitor an institution's compliance and performance. It also helps protect against conflicts of interest and poor management practices.

Here are the 7 pillars of governance:

  1. Organizational values and ethics
  2. Democratic and inclusive decision-making
  3. Strategic management
  4. Risk management
  5. Compliance and internal audit and control
  6. Information systems
  7. Results-based management

Our goals

  • Increase the decision-making power of individuals, especially women
  • Improve the products and services offered to the population, especially women
  • Boost organizations' performance and prevent abusive practices

What we do

We work with microfinance institutions to structure their governance, we help associations and organizations become official businesses, we help entrepreneurs manage their businesses and we encourage women and men to improve their leadership and participate in democratic life.

Some of our services:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Improvement of organizational culture, especially in terms of gender equality
  • Guidance in choosing directors to ensure skill diversity and the inclusion of women
  • Strengthening of election and appointment processes
  • Prevention and management of conflicts of interest
  • Governance and leadership training programs
  • Support in developing policies, guides, tools, etc.
  • Enhancement of internal control systems
  • Assistance in developing a strategic plan
  • Creation of tools for monitoring financial and social performance

Some of our accomplishments in governance

Inclusive finance institutions

Over the past few years, we've helped structure and set up the governance of 5 entrepreneur financial centres in Africa and Latin America.


With our entrepreneur coaching services we help entrepreneurs improve their strategic decision-making skills and strengthen internal controls, such as petty cash and security.

Learn more about our entrepreneur coaching services

Members and clients

We implement measures to encourage members and clients to participate in the governance of their institutions, such as cooperative voting rights or a share ownership plan.

Women's groups and associations

We offered leadership training to women who wanted to get involved in the governance of 3 financial institutions in Benin.

Learn more about our actions to promote gender equality