Financial education

Financial education

We help populations in developing countries make informed financial decisions.

We aim to teach responsible financial behaviour and help people—especially women and girls—overcome certain barriers to their use of financial products and services.

Financial literacy is a powerful lever for women's socio-economic empowerment, gender equality and poverty reduction.

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Topics covered in our financial education programs

Basic finance

  • Financial systems
  • Financial transactions
  • Economics


  • Saving incentives
  • Financial capacity
  • Planning and risk management


  • Overconsumption
  • Supply and demand
  • Household finances


  • Cost of credit
  • Collateral
  • Credit as a financial lever


  • Initiative
  • Work-life balance
  • Cash flow


  • Democracy
  • Collective entrepreneurship


  • Insurance
  • Security and digital

Our approach

  • We base our financial education programs on people's needs, everyday financial decisions and skill level.
  • We favour contextualized, progressive and sustainable learning.
  • We offer a variety of learning activities, including digital.
  • We guide decision-making rather than simply convey information.
  • We encourage collaboration among all relevant actors because financial education is a shared responsibility.
  • We evaluate the impact of financial education by observing changes in behaviour and deploying appropriate monitoring tools.
  • We use different learning pathways for different audiences (such as young people, vulnerable populations, women and entrepreneurs).

Our accomplishments in financial education

Public speaking and leadership development: The FARM project in Mali

In Mali, many women lack the confidence required to exercise their decision-making power. To help them overcome this problem, informal discussions about money are held every month with 2,000 female members of farmers' organizations. These discussions are run by about 70 women holding leadership roles in their communities who completed a 5-day training on leadership, public speaking and financial decision-making.

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Asking yourself the right questions: The PASAC project in Colombia

To encourage coffee farmers to change their practices, we developed educational activities to get participants to interact and reflect on their financial behaviours. We helped coffee farmers take a critical look at their financial situation, set financial goals that motivated them and develop personal strategies to achieve those goals.

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